Sunday, July 4, 2010

Singles Going Single #133 - Jon Auer "23 Below (freezing)" 7" (1999, Houston Party)

I believe this man's credentials speak for themselves.  This single contains two exclusive tracks: the bittersweet, tension-ridden "23 Below (freezing)," and the reflective, acoustic comedown "Ballad of a Tolerant Destination."  Word has it there's a new Posies album in the can, scheduled to drop later this year.  It's a bit unlikely at this point, but a few copies of this single may still be available through Houston Party Records.

A. 23 Below (freezing)
B. Ballad of a Tolerant Destination


Powerpopster said...

Thanks my friend!

ehprh12 said...

Please re-up, link is broken. Would love to hear it. Thanks.