Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Various - Pyloric Waves compilation (1994, D-Tox)

Fulfilling a request via a response to my recent Slowchange Madagascar post. Here are 18 whacked-out North Carolina bands circa the mid-90s. A decent comp that not only features my much lauded "Tree" by the aforementioned SM, but a career-prime nugget from Superchunk, "Invitation," as well as dandy contributions from Polvo, Picasso Trigger, and a myriad of lesser-known bands from the NC scene.

01-Robert Delaney - Intro
02-Well Nigh Forgotten - Florida Evans
03-Picasso Trigger - Queenie
04-Blue-Green Gods - Water
05-Matt Malloy - Traffic Lights Cause Accidents
06-Slowchange Madagascar - Tree
07-Polvo - Wild Turkey
08-Geezer Lake - The Bag
09-Orifice - Fuck
10-Vanilla Trainwreck - Someone Somewhere
11-Toxic Popsicle - American Dream
12-Boil - Timmy
13-Shiny Beast - Texasatan
14-Camper Van Chadbourne - Out To Lunch
15-Eighthundred - Drift
16-Superchunk - Invitation
17-Erectus Monotone - Bang
18-Bicycle Face - Brand New Attitude
19-Robert Delaney - You Little Asshole



Steve said...

Did you ever know that you're my hero? You are the wind beneath my wings.

Man, thanks for this. I love this thing.

evr said...

Did you get this from our used bin by chance? I used to own it and probably traded it in!

spavid said...

No, I bought it new, possibly through mailorder.

Jeff Ross said...

Cd includes a exclusive track from Vanilla Trainwreck. One of my favorite bands from North Carolina from that era. Exchanged letters with them and saw them play a couple of times when they came to California on tour. I no long have my records, don't suppose you have their singles "Galvanized / Picturing" & "Yellow / Sunburned" that you post on your blog?