Sunday, November 16, 2008

Singles Going SIngle # 82 - m.i.j. - 300 miles 7" (199?, One Percent) + the radio goodnight (2000, caulfield)

Along with such contemporaries as Texas Is the Reason, Christie Front Drive, and The Promise Ring, m.i.j. were part of the last wave of the pre-mainstream "emo" movement. Unfortunately, few people are aware with that last name I just mentioned. Kind of surprising actually, given that this quite remarkable power-trio hailed from a city as big as Minneapolis, and more significantly, had the backing of a fairly prominent indie label that helped spearhead the movement into the '90s, Caulfield Records.
Although no release year or recording details are furnished, the 300 Miles 7" ep on One Percent Records gloriously offers the wail of strained, teen-aged voices and dynamic guitar squalls, amidst a surprisingly heightened sense of melody. "Raw" might be a keyword here, but maybe that's just my perception.

As an extra treat, I'm also posting m.i.j.'s one and only album, The Radio Goodnight, on Caulfield, that damn near completely delivers on the promise of the band's aforementioned nascent recordings. Leadman Jeff Hanson (who packs a mean falsetto by the way) now preforms and records as a solo artist for Kill Rock Stars. You can read about him here.
300 miles ep
01. do you miss?
02. lamp light
03. 300 miles
04. (untitled)
the radio goodnight
01. say it in woords
02. the radio goodnight
03. right downtown
04. west
05. sometimes in sleep
06. the last time was
07. the swingtown pledge
08. do you miss?
09. your stories
10. again today
The Radio Goodnight is now available from: iTunes, Emusic, Amazon Downloads


Stephen said...

Totally underrated band. Thanks for posting this. I only have the 300 miles 7".

Nate Wagner said...

any chance you can re-upload or send me the Radio Goodnight mp3s? bought a cheap LP copy i can't play. would love to hear the mp3s

spavid said...

The link for the 7" has been fixed. The album has been made available again. Check out the links.