Saturday, November 1, 2008

Love Tractor - Themes From Venus (1989, DB)

A fixture in the much-lauded Athens, GA scene during the ‘80s, Love Tractor married some of the quirkier tendencies of the 'new south' sound to the burgeoning modern rock movement that was just about to break into the mainstream. Unfortunately the band didn't.

For better or worse, Love Tractor have always been big on instrumentals, and while there are several on Themes From Venus, they don’t hinder the proceedings. As for the ‘sung’ songs, the textured, lush, and sometimes downright complex arrangements imbue “Venice” and “Fantasy” with an air of warmth and vitality, outdoing the work of many of their local peers at the time. Late '80s college rock at it's finest, not to mention intriguing.

Produced by none other than Mitch Easter, Themes would be the last album Love Tractor would issue before reconvening in 2001 for The Sky at Night, the first in a series of reunion albums.

01. I Broke My Saw
02. Themes From Venus
03. Crash
04. Satan
05. Crystal World
06. Venice
07. Hey Mess
08. Noon Express
09. Fantasy
10. Here Come the Cops
11. Crash (inst version)
12. Satan (inst version)
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Unknown said...

My favorite record of all time. Tough to find much about it on the interwebs, so thanks for this.

Unknown said...

Yeah, GREAT album or should I say cassette. Yes I had the cassette and I repurchased it on CD a few years ago for the clarity of digital...

Kell said...

Thanks for this. I have the LP, but I'm heading out on a long road trip, and this is a must have for the iPod. The expansive sound of this album will bode well with the open road, I'm sure.

Unknown said...

Had this Cd for 31 years. Picked the vinyl about 10 years ago. Saw them live in Orlando when it they released it. Its still a go to for a guaranteed grin. It’s got groove that keeps me coming back. Absolutely worth a listen.