Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ridel High - Recycle Bin CD

Per the request of a couple folks who were enthusiastic about my Ridel High 7" post a few weeks ago, I'm making good on my offer. A "fan club" CD of sorts, Recycle Bin pretty much collects all of the Ridel High songs that didn't wind up on their Emotional Rollercoaster album, which would unfortunately prove to be their swan song. Check out the aforementioned post for commentary and background info on Kevin Ridel/Ridel High. You'll be so glad you did.

01. intro
02. Winona Ryder
03. Blue
04. Goodbye Nate
05. Mindblower
06. Devil Angel
07. Motorboat
08. Breaking Up
09. Pivot
10. Second Skin
11. Go getter
12. #1
13. You Are Mine
14. Defenseless
15. Coming of Age
16. Headliner
17. Look at me Now
18. Battleship Gray
19. Robot (live)
20. interview (N0ise Pollution)
21. message from Michino and Yoko


A A-F said...

Thank you so much! This is excellent!

weezer17 said...

Any chance for a reup on this? Thanks!!!

weezer17 said...

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Oh man! Do you have a working link?

Alex Bornt said...

Thank you very much! It is very cool! You know everything that promotes waste recycling and normal consumption is great! We have already produced a lot of garbage into this wonderful world. We need to get rid of it very urgently. Today our trash is our anchor to the bottom.

Edgar said...
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Edgar said...

Hi. Great post. I would like you to introduce your people to the culture of sorting and recycling waste recycling waste.