Monday, November 24, 2008

Singles Going Single # 83 - Baby Lemonade 7" (1994, Munster)

This entry into my singles series is a very beltated follow-up of sorts to my post last year of Baby Lemonade's Wonderful 10" ep. Yeah, the cover to this 7" looks kinda yummy - that is of course if you've been living on prison food for a couple years, but I digress. Still trying to figure out what the heck a "local drag" is - drag queens, dragsters, or just a bunch of downtrodden saps? Maybe a little of all three. "Local Drags" is veritable punk rock when held up to their refined, magnum-pop-opus, Exploring Music that Baby Lemonade delivered, merely two years after this fun lil' slice o' racous. As for the flip, you'd swear that J Mascis had hijacked the guitars on this less-than conventional rendering of the Elton John classic. Hot damn.

A. Local Drags
B. Benny and the Jets

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Shanice said...

If you were to at any point in the future post some stuff from the San Francisco psych popsters ORANGER i would be truly appreciative, thanks for all your postings!