Monday, September 29, 2008

Singles Going Single # 71 - Even Greenland 7" (1986, Big Monkey)

They say not to judge a book by it's cover, so as far as the sleeve of this disk in concerned, that goes double. Within the tattered black and white paper lies an artifact of a bygone era, specifically the "new south" sound popularized by REM, Let's Active, and dozens of other '80s jangle merchants. No band info is provided, but a joint production credit to Tim Lee of Windbreakers fame, and associate Randy Everett, is revealed on the back cover. If you're familiar with any of the names in this paragraph, you probably know what you're in for. Even Greenland were ostensibly based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, but the only other additional details I have for you can be perused courtesy of the A Million Miles Away blog (scroll about halfway down). The vocalist could be a dead ringer for the lead singer of the Moody Blues, but otherwise, Even Greenland subscribe to the DIY ethic, exuding a modest, homegrown noise that rivaled their "modern rock" contemporaries.

A. Another Place to Hide
B. The Four

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1imaginaryboy said...

This is absolutely wonderful. I found a copy of this record 2.5 months ago for $1 or .50¢ in Brooklyn and it took some time before I'd gotten the opportunity to listen to it. There are few songs that capably access the melodic beauty and rhythmic dynamism that these songs offer. They must've been marvelous live. Demos? >sigh!<