Thursday, September 18, 2008

Singles Going Single # 69 - The Latter Day Saints - Plaster City 7" (1993, Campground)

I originally intended to share this single in a post encompassing the myriad of music projects pertaining to Latter Day Saints head-honcho, "Skip" (common nickname for Ron Greer), but I just couldn't wait. Most people who are at all familiar with Skip to begin with, associate him with the wry but sophisticated '90s pop-punk act from the Bay Area, The Wynona Riders. In fact, it wouldn't be far off the mark too assume that a lot of Wynona Riders fans don't know of the existence of this one-off single released on the homegrown Campground record label some fifteen years ago. Furthermore, a lot of people with the good sense to own the Riders classic album J.D. Salinger, are also unacquainted with two equally as obscure WR offshoots, Here Kitty Kitty and Toyboat, but I'll get to those and the Riders in another post, I assure you.
To my knowledge, the two songs enshrined on this record are the only released LDS recordings, and such a shame that is. Skip possesses a unique timbre that lends itself perfectly not only to the upbeat and animated work of the Riders, but to the simmering, yet bittersweet "592," that comprises the first half of this record. "Sheep Dog," occupying the flipside, is akin to Born to Run escapism, via a skateboard instead of a car. Superb stuff. Wish there was more of where this came from.

A. 592
B. Sheep Dog


jimmybuttons said...

think i got this record for a quarter once at the infamous epicenter zone in SF, and what a steal it was! i was usually sweetly surprised at the gems i'd get from that store ruffling through the quarter bin. nice post, i was considering blogging this record and you beat me to the punch! kudos!!

Neal said...

wow. another gem that i always meant to rip when i got my shit together. i think i ordered this from that really cheap bay area mailorder place. i forget the name now.

i remember hearing about toyboat, but never knew that they put anything out. looking forward to that post! i think someone from toyboat used to post on alt.punk a long time ago. they might have gone onto drunk horse if i remember right.

jimmybuttons said...

i believe you were talking about blacklist mailorder, and i think it was also run out of epicenter zone in SF.


I'm putting my collection on ebay which includes this 7".

Damian Stachelski said...

Could you re up this please? Thanks!!