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Singles Going Single # 65 - Trusty 7" (1993, DeSoto) & #66 The Trans Megetti Rent a Rocket 7" ep (1996, Art Monk)

Trusty and The Trans Megetti were two unrelated Washington D.C. area bands, that coincidentally had a couple things in common, the most visible one being their monikers which both began with the letters "TR," Amazing, huh? All phonetics and proximity matters aside, the two bands were also contemporaries of each other . Despite not having any overlapping members, Trusty vocalist James Brady, and Trans Megetti mouthpiece Mark Tesi, distinctly recalled the pipes belonging to yet another D.C. based singer, demi-god Jeff (or sometimes Geoff) Turner, of 3/Gray Matter/Senator Flux renown.

Trusty made their debut in the late '80s, but didn't hit their stride until a lineup change, prior to their flooring Goodbye Dr. Fate album on Dischord Records. That album, as well as this two-song beaut on De Soto Records, witnessed Trusty trading in their mundane, hardcore-wannabe beginnings for the "smart" punk-pop chops they would soon become synonymous with, if only to modest audiences. Fate's followup, The Fourth Wise Man saw the light of day in 1996, but unfortunately, Trusty folded just as they peaked

The obliquely named Trans Megetti took a slightly more "aggro" route, not so much in the mold of a traditional hardcore band, rather noisy post-hardcore bands of the period, like Drive Like Jehu. The songs contained on Rent a Rocket, as did other TM records, pack a cathartic urgency, while maintaining a semblance of melody, and more than a little technical guitar prowess I might add. The Megetti released two full-lengths, Steal the Jet Keys, and Fading Left to Completely On, during the '90s.

Trusty - DeSoto Records single
A. Kathy's Keen
B. No One

The Trans Megetti - Rent a Rocket 7"
A. Rent a Rocket
B1. Mercitron
B2. Yes, I Can Read

Trans Megetti:

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