Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Singles Going Single #196 - Connections 7" (1981, Guza)

From a cosmetic standpoint, the rather iconic pose and garb of choice Seattle's Connections sport on this record sleeve leads one to believe this combo would be prime contenders for a slot on a Killed By Death or Teenline compilation.  As it turns out, that observation isn't far off the mark, at least as far as aesthetic is concerned.  "Tug of War" is Television styled "punk," with a more acute semblance of melody.  Good, but a notch or two shy of time capsule worthiness.  "Give Me the Knife," belted out by the lone female (no name provided) in this septet, takes a more aggro tack, packing punchy chords and a heaping dollop of sass that goes a long way in defining it's three potent minutes.

A. Tug of War
B. Give Me the Knife



Lucas Gelati said...

That was actually pretty great. Damn you internet, Y U NO information about this band?

spavid said...

The only reference I saw to this record was it's appearance on someones want list. Surprised me too.

Anonymous said...

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