Monday, January 2, 2012

Verichrome Tulips - Le Lac Leman (1987, Syndicate)

Translated from French, Le Lac Leman, means "Lake Leman," which is an actual lake in Switzerland.  For better or worse, that specific body of water doesn't encroach at all into the themes expressed on the Verichrome Tulips' presumably one and only album, recorded by the co-ed German quartet.  This is merely an educated guess, but their roster might have boasted British and/or American origins, given there isn't a foreign accent in sight on this wax.  A Myspace bio (linked above) mentions that the songs comprising Le Lac Leman were inspired by the sensation of "being unhappy in love."  Simon Steiner's, copious saxophone work lends an often strident and upbeat panache to the Tulips prevailing tenor that's inclined to Roxy Music, as much as say the Psychedelic Furs, the Teardrop Explodes, and occasionally The Fall.  Leman's sonic wanderlust is all over the map, not to mention a bit unruly in spots, so prepare yourself for the unexpected.  A few additional songs can be experienced on their aforementioned Myspace page. 

01. Talk to Me
02. Letter Box
03. Thinking Of You
04. Someone New
05. Special
06. Day One
07. Badcave Romance
08. Boat Goes By
09. October Frustration
10. I Follow You
11. Hampstead Sunset


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