Monday, January 23, 2012

Graham Repulski - My Color is Red 7" ep - (2011, Big School) - A brief overview

Thought I'd give everyone a heads up on this one, as the physical edition of this title is limited to a mere 200 copies.  If you're already a Graham Repulski convert you're likely to be a completist, and since this fella is on the creative tear that he is (six releases in roughly two years) I wouldn't sleep on this. 

For those of you who can recall your first encounter with Guided By Voices 1994 magnum opus, Bee Thousand, experiencing any given record by this New Jersey progidy is bound to induce déjà vu all over again.  Graham has all the classic Pollard-ian earmarks set to “stun” in an enjoyably slavish fashion, including but not limited to: a doggedly lo-fidelity recording ethic, slightly manipulated vocals, esoteric and oblique scripture, and a doctrine that screams, “if the song exceeds the two minute mark, time to hit erase"  Truth is, Graham has virtually picked up where Mr. Pollard left off in say 1999, doleing out melodicly rich colossus' namley the title track, and "Mommy's Dreaming" (which in all fairness exceeds the 120-second threshold). 

Among his other four-track forarys 2011's Into an Animal Together is the bona fide full length, racking up 24 songs, but if that strikes you as too imposing for your virgin pallete, My Collar is Red, by comparison tallies up a mere four and serves as equally a convincing introduction.   For those going the clear red vinyl route, head over to Big School Records, or if the streaming/downloading method gets you through the night, head over to Bandcamp, and please check out more of this gentleman's surprisingly fresh back catalog. 

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