Monday, January 9, 2012

The Wild Giraffes - Right Now (1981, Neck)

Funny how such a great record from such a crucial era can go virtually unheralded for all these years.  Even in powerpop/KBD corners Mentor, OH's Wild Giraffes have flown under the radar all this time, as has this record.  Granted, Right Now saw the light of day on the local indie imprint Neck Records (possibly the band's in-house label), but nonetheless, far scarcer records have enjoyed more visible reputations, albeit posthumously I should add.  Hovering somewhere between a more advanced Flamin' Groovies and Cheap Trick, Wild Giraffe's rootsy undercurrents rubbed elbows with faint, post-punk chord wrangling a la Roger Miller of Mission of Burma.  If the Figgs had started their career, say a decade early, they would probably have approximated a solid cross section of this album's content, which by the way hosts no less than three classic covers: "Good Times" (Easybeats), "Burning Love" (popularized by Elvis), and "Move It On Over" (Del Shannon).  isksp blog is hosting a Wild Giraffes single from 1978, "Ensemble and Majorettes," which is just as stimulating as Right Now, and worth significantly more money from what I understand.

01. Right Now
02. Good Times
03. In and Out
04. The Real Things
05. I Got You
06. Burning Love
07. I Can't Make It
08. She Do Rock
09. Weather Girl
10. I Don't Know About You
11. We'll Never Know
12. Move it on Over



gabbazoo said...

you're right about this being pretty unheralded... Go figure, I actually have the record and have never listened to it (of course, I have way too many records). Listening to the rip right now and it is pretty good.

bglobe313 said...

This is pretty good. To me the best tracks really raises expectations but some of the others are just pedestrian. Still, anyone intrigued by the write-up should check it out.

Thanks a lot. This is a band I saw on lists of "power pop" bands that rock, but I can't say I had ever heard an actual recording.

This site continues to be an amazing resource.

Ace K.

Tad Rifle said...

Hell yes, I know most of these guys. Glad to see someone giving them some credit.

Unknown said...

This thread is old, not sure if anyone will see my comment, but I have a bootleg live recording of this band, better than the LP, which is quite compressed compared to their amazing live sound. They were my fave live band for years. Edgar, the songwriter/guitarist passed away a few years back. I went to high school with them.
Dan G.

Unknown said...

well this post wont get read either! I followed the band a bit in 79-80 . @ Agora and a old pub in elyra and a few privet partys. got the LP one of my favorites of all time . like the story about the "weather girl" I didn't know about Edgar, sad to hear about him, good guy. the band was a lot of fun and could dance to it as well

Popwer-Pop-Tart said...

Their first single just arrived in the mail today. Seemed like everything that they did has now been available on line - except their first 45. Actually, there's a youtube clip of one side ("New Era") but the quality left a little to be desired. I like it so much that I ordered it (and the B side isn't bad either). If you'd like to offer this as a download on your site, let me know and I will gladly upload this to you.

Beyes said...

Re-up, please! Thank you - Barry

Unknown said...

Pulled this album out today. Forgot how good it was. I grew up in Columbus and frequented Crazy Mamas. Great New Wave venue.