Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Singles Going Single #182 - Baby Tooth 7" (1993, Remora)

Here's a 45 I obtained from a dollar bin a few years ago but didn't give a spin until this week.  For shame, because I had been depriving myself of two excellent songs from this long departed NYC three-piece, who had the good fortune of releasing their single on a label run by Richard Baluyut of Versus/+ - renown.  Baby Tooth were fronted by Michal Sapir, a young chanteuse of Isreali origin.  Sapir's offbeat knack for melody meshes well with the brooding, dynamic post-punk aplomb of "Jet Lag," just as fittingly with the comparatively twee, flute-enhanced "Explosive Crescent Man."  Baby Tooth released an ep, Rare Book Room in 1994 that I really need to get my hands on...

A. Explosive Crescent Man
B. Jet Lag


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anvilscepe said...

i have this 7" as well and it is amazing. i also have the rare book room, or at least a couple of the songs. sadly i sold it but kept the songs i liked. i also have a split 7" with their song "fluffy". i was lucky enough to catch them live twice. thanks for the upload.