Thursday, August 25, 2011

Buzz Hungry - At the Hands of Our Intercessors (1995, Compulsiv)

Ex-Mercyland visionary David Barbe's meal ticket came calling in the early '90s when he was tapped by Bob Mould to become one third of Sugar, specifically the bassist.  While the trio was in mid flight, Barbe opted to spearhead a new band of his own, Buzz Hungry.  Their debut Fried Like a Man, was issued in 1994 (with most of it's contents actually penned pre-Sugar).  That record was about as inconsistent as they made 'em back then, with only a handful of legitmate songs standing head and shoulders amongst way too much aimless and alienating noodling.  In fact, the best that came out of it was “Where Diamonds Are Halos,” a dense but slightly anthemic track that Sugar would often adopt for their live sets.  By 1995 Bob Mould’s latest and greatest parted ways, and left to his own devices, Barbe went to work with Buzz Hungry to compose this sophomore effort.  Like the aforementioned Fried Like a Man, At the Hands of Our …. is hardly a start-to-finish thing of beauty, offering no dearth of dissonant, and occasionally math-y string wrangling and cantankerous energy.  A concerted effort to eke out a geuine melody goes a fairly long way here (e.g. "White Sky," "The Envictor," and "Grey Machine").  To compensate for some of this album’s dodgier selections I’m tacking on "Where Diamonds Are Halos."  The entirety of Fried Like a Man (for those with the stomach) can be heard here, but you'd be better off investing your time with Mercyland's Spillage and No Feet on the Cowling.

01. White Sky
02. Fear of Hell
03. Vomit Ball
04. Black Hole Soul
05. {}
06. There is a Time
07. The Envictor
08. Magnum 7
09. Dikwuli
10. Raw Beef Salad
11. Grey Machine
bonus: Where Diamonds Are Halos


reverb said...

I think David's contributions are excellent: "White Sky", "Fear of Hell", "The Envictor", "Grey Machine". Their cover of "There is a Time (trad.)" is good too. The other tracks pale in comparison, making it a very hit-and-miss record. If you like David's songs on this one, check out his 2001 solo album "Comet of the Season".

MKV said...

The song The envictor has a very brit-pop feel.

spavid said...

The link has been updated.

ehprh12 said...

Please re-up this link. Would love to hear this. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Any chance you could reupload this yet again? I never grabbed it from you, and now I can't find it. Thanks!