Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dark Globe - Life is Research (1990, Scheming Intelligentsia)

You might be compelled to download this disk for the very same reason I bought it - the rather trippy and bodacious album jacket.  If it's mercurial, Barrett-esque psych-pop that you're licking your chops over you may not want to bother.  Dark Globe had their sights set on sludgy punk, resembling a ramshackle hybrid of Green River and the Lime Spiders, lacking a good half of the substance one could usually rely on those bands for.  In fact, much of Life is Research rings a little frivolous, but some of the group's mellower pieces, namely "Dragons" and "Love is Strange" help salvage things.  A rushed, but cranking tread through "Lucifer Sam" isn't a highlight so much as a curiosity.  You have been warned.

01. Fly Farm
02. Sleep
03. Kruk
04. Men in Suits
05. Monsters of Rock
06. Damn Good Time
07. Lucifer Sam
08. George: Prince of Darkness
09. Dragons
10. Factorytown
11. Hang 100 Crosses
12. Love is Strange
13. Fat Old King
14. Moonlight Coming On



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CountRegular said...

Thanks for shining a light on this. I released this album back in 1990, as only the 2nd vinyl on Scheming Intelligentsia. The band got back together a few years ago with the same lineup and are working on new stuff, playing round SD on occasion.

Damian Stachelski said...

Could you re-up this please?? Many thanks!