Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pop Art - Long Walk to Nowhere (1986, Stonegarden)

Pop Art may not have fit like a glove (or frankly, fit at all) with their hometown's burgeoning Paisley Underground fracas during the '80s, but that's ok, because these L.A., jangle-ridden wunderkinds were a notch of two above that bygone clique.  Unfortunately, not many paid much heed to P/A, and these days you rarely hear of them outside the blogosphere.  Speaking of which, PVAc blog has already covered the Snap Crackle Pop Art and A Perfect Mental Picture albums.  The record I'm featuring today, Long Walk to Nowhere, came out in between that pair of LPs, and for my money is the finest I've heard by them.  Dare I say Pop Art was California's subconscious answer to Miracle Legion?  The aforementioned albums were preceded by an ep that I'm going to try to get to in the near-future.  In the meantime, you might still be able to snag a copy of the Pop Art anthology CD, Really Blind Faith through Amazon.  Click on the first hyperlink of this article for a fairly comprehensive band bio that lays out their career better than I ever could. 

01. Mark Come Home
02. Really Blind Faith
03. Long Walk to Nowhere
04. Hands and Triggers
05. Relatives
06. If You Float
07. Rest of You
08. Feel Right Now
09. The Umentionable
10. We're Going


Joseph Kyle said...

unrelated to this post, but a heads up: Bob Pollard covering the Soft Boys-

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Thanks again for another vital heads up! Sounds awesome.

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