Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pedaljets - tape (1986)

Before venturing further, please allow me to indulge with a rhetorical question.  What band wouldn't want to have a song in their repertoire called "Sensual Cardboard Event?"  With that ponderous notion out of the way, here's a vintage Pedaljets cassette with that dandy little number on it.  I shared their first album, Today, Today shortly after starting Wilfully Obscure in mid 2007.  Hell if I know if the Rapidshare link is still active or not (keep your fingers crossed).  An online bio described them as the missing link between the Replacements and Nirvana.  I think the quote from my write-up four years ago holds a little more water:

The Pedaljets are a good approximation of the earnest, but rugged guitar rock of the Replacements and Nils. The band's approach is further coloured with a penchant for ringing, jangly chords, popularised by REM and the like.

In terms of the wondrous clamor emanating from Mike Allmayer and Scott Mize's collective six-strings, I'd say "clangy" is an operative adjective as well.  This tape is largely all I could realistically hope for in the way of mid-80s indie rock.  A true artifact.  Enjoy, and make sure to check out Today, Today while you're at it, that is if it's still up.  If not, it looks like I have my work cut out for me.

01. Life Movie
02. The Calmest Room
03. Sensual Cardboard Event
04. When the Fun Runs Out
05. Hide & Go Seek
06. After the Window
07. Done For You


Michael said...

The self-titled follow up to Today Today is pretty great as well. Noisier, but tuneful. The band has reunited as well - I saw them play last year. They were giving away remixed copies of their second album.

spavid said...

I kind of preferred the updated mix of the self-titled album to the original, as I'm sure did a lot of other people. They must be great live.

Michael said...

I'm guess I'm just used to the original, which I listened to a lot when I got it. I kind of prefer the cloudier mix. But I can understand why the band likes the new mix.

greg kc said...

Also worth finding: the 1987 7" on Throbbing Lobster. The demo CS version of "Hide & Go Seek" on the A side, and "The One I Can't Have" on the other.

Really excited to hear PJ's new album. Also, Matt Kesler has been filling in on bass for the Micronotz' more recent reunion shows, there have been rumblings about a new album from them as well.

Bob Hockett said...

Actually I think you mean to say 'Sensual Cardboard Event,' rather than '... Experience.' That was the title of the song and the EP, I believe.

Thanks for the reviews!

greg kc said...

Hey spavid, would you mind clarifying A/B sides on this release when you get a chance?

Damian Stachelski said...

Could you re up this if possible? Thanks!