Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Mayflies USA - s/t ep (1997, Clancy/Superhero)

The Mayflies have always been a back burner band for me, if only for the fact that I'm preoccupied with so many more artists.  Yet anytime I get the inclination to pop in one of their CDs, I'm instantly ushered back to the realization that this Chapel Hill, NC quartet could virtually do no wrong, delivering such flawless power pop opuses as Summertown and The Pity List.  This ep in particular strikes me as a near perfect synthesis of Matthew Sweet's most devastating hooks and Superdrag's plump guitar crunch, with the opening salvo, "The Apple" serving as the top jewel in a rather dazzling crown.  Download this, get yourself a copy of Summertown pronto and work your way forward to their remaining two albums, The Pity List (2000) and Walking in a Straight Line (2002).

01. The Apple
02. Reasons
03. Skywriting
04. After You
05. These Crayons Are Mine



jay strange said...

very nice...yes indeed a great band..i have all the albums, never seen this before..thanks

starkweather444 said...

Played a bunch of shows with Mayflies USA back in the 90s great band.

bglobe313 said...

OK! One of my favorites bands.

I think they were not quite there with this EP, but if you are a fan, this is a welcome addition.

At one point on their website there was a link to a live in studio radio show, which I foolishly didn't download, and now its not available. Would love to find it.


binman said...

Great post - trying to download, but having trouble with RapidShare - did something change there?

spavid said...

Hey binman. If you could, please be a bit more specifc. So far I've had over 100 successful downwnloads of this. It looks like Rapidshare has done some slight remodeling, but everything should still be accessible.

binman said...

Sorry, I must be getting older these days - can't find the download button - I keep getting directed to the PRO (pay) version which will not allow the download. Is there still a free version? Thanks.

Charles Nixon said...

Can this file be re-uploaded? Thanks.

phil said...

hey charles - check here, if you haven't already!