Monday, August 22, 2011

Pedaljets - Today Today (1988, Twilight) re-upload

To follow up my Pedaljets entry from my last night, I checked the link to my 2007 post of this album, and sure enough it hadn't seen activity in quite a spell, and had subsequently expired on Rapidshare.  Just as well I suppose, considering I just upped the bitrate for this repost.  Today Today was the Pedaljets first album, and contains re-recordings of two songs that appeared on the Pedaljets tape that I dedicated last night's entry to.  If I remember correctly, the CD version of this album includes at least two songs not on the vinyl incarnation, so good news for all you completists.  The Pedaljets followed up Today with a self-titled album a year later.  Long dissatisfied with the mix of the album, they belatedly corrected it in 2006, and made it available for public consumption once again..  While they were at it, they regrouped for some "reunion" shows, and have been playing intermittently ever since on their home turf of Lawrence/Kansas City. 

01. Liking You
02. The Crossing
03. A Certain Sunday
04. One Million Lovers
05. Today Today
06. It's Not Too Late
07. Hide and Go Seek
08. Dumbwaiter
09. Ride With Me
10. Hypothermia
11. Tiny World
12. Lullaby Alarm Clock
13. White Beach
14. When the Fun Runs Out


Scott said...

I love this album!

hojohifive said...

great memories of seeing them live at QE2 and having WCDB spin the shit out of this record.

spavid said...

I have fond (and very claustrophobic) memories of the QE2 in Albany. Unfortunately, at the time the Pedaljets were touring, I wasn't old enough to drive myself there, or probably even gain admittance.

JT said...

Any chance this could be re-uploaded? I have just gotten into this band and would love to hear their debut.

spavid said...

I just updated the link.

Unknown said...

Another re-up? Looks like this is still OOP. Since seeing the band last night, I can't get "One Million Lovers" out of my head.