Sunday, August 14, 2011

Monkey Rhythm - This Must Be the Place ep (1985, 415)

Monkey Rhythm were one of many decent 415 Records acts that failed to make the migration to the label's "merger" with Columbia (now Sony Music).  This Must Be the Place offers four slices of edgy, competent '80s alt-rock, minus the embarrassing trappings of the era.  That being said, this does put Monkey Rhythm in a relatively non-descript position, but I really like this ep - so there.  Mouthpiece Adam Gates graduated from this trio to a quintet called The Spent Poets who released an album on Geffen in 1992 to minimal fanfare.  Gates has periodically been in cahoots with Primus, but Monkey Rhythm were light years from Les Claypool and Co.

01. This Must Be the Place
02. Heaven's Gate
03. Buried in the Sand
04. Happiness Died at the Willow Tree


Holly said...

Well, heck! I used to play 'Buried In the Sand' all the time, and haven't heard or thought of in ages. Looking forward to revisiting. Thank you!

brink. said...

Hooray! I saw these guys open for the Fine Young Cannibals at my very first show (more or less). I still have the dusty vinyl around here somewhere...

I've been looking for a digital copy (the old turntable is disturbingly hinky). Thanks so much.