Saturday, February 20, 2010

Unholy Wives - When Sanity Sleeps (1989, Blue Wave)

Yet another virtual unknown quantity from my vast CD trove. The Unholy Wives (all male by the way) were from upstate New York, and When Sanity Sleeps was their second album. That's pretty much the tale I have to tell about them. When Sanity Sleeps suggests that Irish rockers like U2, the Alarm, and a far more unlikely influence, Cactus World News informed the Wives. The guitars have 'that' sort of ring to them, if that makes any sense. A slight AOR bent a la The Call permeates the mix as well. The only relevant link I found on the search engines for this four piece was broken. I believe some inexpensive copies of Sanity are still available from Amazon.

01. Crying Fields
02. Rituals of Love
03. The Maze
04. Jump Back
05. Paper Dolls
06. When Sanity Sleeps
07. Don't You Ever Leave Me
08. Bleeding Loneliness
09. Strength in Numbers
10. Knockin' Em Down (In the City)
11. Not Much to Believe In
12. Tomorrow Never Knows



Cinnamon Girl said...

The Alarm were Welsh.

spavid said...

Well, what can I tell you. It's an imperfect blog. Thanks for the correction.

Mission said...

Very Good .. brilliant excellente..... thank.
Muy buen grupo me gusto mucho.
Greetings from Lima - Peru!