Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stag - Kickstart the Ramparts (2005)

You might not guess it from the graffiti motifed cover art of Kickstart the Ramparts, but this recently bygone Buffalo, NY area trio apparently had a real flair for '90s indie guitar rock. Whether by coincidence or not, Stag collectively hearken back to several groups I've championed on here, like Fig Dish, Small 23, Loomis, and to a lesser extent, the Figgs. Solid songs make Kickstart (especially it's first half) a repeat listen. BTW, there does not appear to be a shred of info on the web regarding Stag, so to anyone associated with the band, please post a comment.

01. Along for the Ride
02. Failsafe
03. Yeah Yeah Yeah
04. Coming Home
05. Swingers
06. The Aftermath
07. Oceanview
08. Suburbia
09. Always on My Mind
10. She Came Alone
11. Lights, the Shy, and You


NLR said...

Where are you from, Spavid (you have posted a bunch of Buffalo related content over the years)?

spavid said...

Let's just say I'm no stranger to the Queen City.

Michael said...

I hang out with their singer/songwriter sometimes. Here's the lowdown.

Singer/Guitarist: Dan Graham
Bassist: Lee Terwilliger
Drummer: John Emerling

These guys were fantastic, but are now, sadly, defunct. Graham, the predominantly creative force in the outfit, is currently working on some solo stuff.