Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Singles Going Single #108 - Nub 7" (1994, Iteration)

Not to be confused with the band The Nubs, who released the classic "Job" 7" (which you can partake in here), Nub were a mid-90s Bay Area punk trio who took some very recognizable cues from another local punk trio on the rise, specifically Jawbreaker. On their lone single (I'm assuming anyway) these guys did the power-punk thing quite convincingly. The real treat here is the b-side, "The Road Less Traveled" where mouthpiece/axe-handler Scott busts out a devastating vocal hook improving the dynamic of not only the song, but the single/ep as a whole. Cool.

A1. Captain Marvel
A2. Newts and Monkeys
B. The Road Less Traveled


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Neal said...

nice. never heard of them, but iteration and a jawbreaker reference sounds right up my alley. thanks!