Saturday, April 4, 2009

V/A - Scalping the Guru - a Tribute to Guided by Voices (1996, Kelp)

Scalping the Guru was the "working title" for Guided By Voices 1995 Alien Lanes album, but ultimately it became the actual title of a home-dubbed, cassette only tribute comp to the band, issued on the Canadian Kelp Records label the following year. You won't recognize any of the contributors here, despite the fact many were actually based in the U.S., but amazingly, none of them even come close to butchering any of the classic songs within. Given it's mid-90s release, Scalping the Guru's quality control is built in, given that Pollard and Co. had yet to falter at this point. The are several Robert Pollard and Tobin Sprout interviews and stage commentaries interspersed between the covers, and the tape concludes with a pair of live GBV songs.

If you're new to Wilfully Obscure, please investigate two GBV rarities collections I previously posted, The Carefree Kitchens Are a Blast, and To Trigger a Synapse.

01. intro (Robert Pollard interview fragment)
02. A:R - #2 in the Home Model Series
03. Big Daddy Blues Explosion – A Good Flying Bird
04. Durian – Sopor Joe
05. Sinus Wave (Joe Bartlett) – Hey Mr. Soundman
06. Deral Fenderson – Dog’s Out/Tobin Sprout interview fragment
07. Matt Verilek & Jerry Webber – Awful Bliss
08. Paul Harrison – Some Drilling Implied
09. Armchair Rambo – Postal Blowfish
10. Can Can Dynamite – Kisses to the Crying Cooks
11. (GBV live banter)
12. The Awkwards – Hot Freaks
13. Kilgore Trout – Tractor Rape Chain
14. Bob Saget – Johnny Appleseed
15. Pollard/Sprout interview fragments
16. Myke Weiskopf’s no-fi ’96 – Crux
17. Johari Window – Metal Mothers
18. Tobin Sprout int fragment regarding the tour with Urge Overkill
19. Dr. Atom & The Orbitals – Gleemer
20. more Pollard live banter
21. Paul Harrison – I Am a Scientist
22. Armchair Rambo – Exit Flagger
23. Kilgore Trout – Motor Away
24. Big Daddy Blues Explosion – King & Caroline
25. Tobin Sprout interview
26. GBV – a brief “Do You Love Me” & Pollard commentary
27. GBV – Burning Flag Birthday Suit w/ intro
28. GBV – King & Caroline (live)
29. GBV – Motor Away (live)
30. outro (Sprout interview conclusion)


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kelp said...

whoa, crazy blast from the past. i put this out and never got around to digitizing it...thanks!

mordantfilms said...

Wow... I remember sending in my band's song for this and I completely forgot we were the first song on the tape! I never did get a copy of the compilation, not to mention the masters from that recording are long gone. Let me know if I can get a copy of the tape, or cd. Thanks!

spavid said...

I just have a personal copy of the tape. Sorry!

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get it copied
send it to me
and ill concert it
and ship it back

tomerik loe
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The link has been updated.

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Any chance of this making a reappearance again?