Friday, April 10, 2009

Spinning Jennies - Pop 'n Serve (1996, Cool Buzz); Starstruck (1998, Cool Buzz); Peer Pressure (2000, Vast)

It would be misleading to say the Spinning Jennies were innovative, but they did one thing and did it incredibly well. Hailing from the much coveted auspices of San Francisco, CA, this power trio (in the truest sense of the term) doled out four consistent albums in their mid-90s to early-'00s lifespan, brimming with delectable power pop. Think the Posies with an extra dollop of aggression, and you'll have a pretty good handle on the band's straight-up, but effective panache.

The hooks were colossal, and they loomed larger and larger on each successive album, culminating in their finest and final outing, 2002's Stratosphere (available from Power Pop Criminals). The albums included in this post are their first free. There was an ep, Bloom that preceded their debut, Pop 'n Serve, but it's long gone, and furthermore, I don't have a copy. Jennies prime-mover Jeff Shelton formed a "spin"-off band, The Well Wishers, who's most recent album is Jigsaw Days (already on their fourth LP)! The apple didn't fall too far from the tree. At any rate, dig in to these discs.

Pop 'n Serve
01. Creature
02. Snocone
03. Come Alive
04. This Idea
05. All Good Things
06. Generation
07. Power Trip
08. On and One
09. Paperback Writer
10. Beautiful Lie
01. Melody Comes
02. All I Know
03. Meet You Halfway
04. Missed the Point
05. Perfect Girl
06. Waking Up
07. This Life
08. Going Gone
09. Girl of the 90's Builds a Bridge to the 21st Century
10. Everything Under the Sun
11. untitled
Peer Pressure
01. Tea & Apathy
02. Notice Me
03. Peer Pressure
04. Broken Line
05. Rockstar SF
06. Compromised
07. One Hit Wonder
08. Sunshine State
09. Miracle
10. Mindbender
11. How It Feels
12. Time to Shine
Peer Pressure: now available thru Bandcamp, bundled with the Jennies Stratosphere album!


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"Time To Shine" on Peer Pressure seems to be messed up.

These were great posts. They remind me of the Posies.

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Could you please re-up starstruck and pop'n serve if you'd be so kind?

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