Sunday, April 5, 2009

Parade - Circle of Deception (1996, Dangerous Rhythm)

Parade were a Concord, CA quartet who specialized in edgy, alt-guitar rock, and billowy haircuts. Maybe it's all in bassist Ray Lujan's pipes, but there's a Game Theory vibe that permeates much of Circle of Deception, albeit with a more pedestrian bent. I'm picking up traces of U2, Tommy Keene, and the Mats too. Regarding the dark splotch in the upper right corner of the sleeve, somebody had the bright idea to denote this album with black magic marker before relegating it to the clearance bin of the store I bought this at.

01. Portrait of Shame
02. The Will to Live
03. Alot to Learn
04. Circle of Deception
05. A Cry For Help
06. Cry Tough
07. Tradition
08. Getting Away With Murder
09. A Chance to Forget
10. The Light of the Day


Steve said...

I've always liked this album - Alot To Learn is a particular fave...

Unknown said...

please re post thank you