Friday, April 3, 2009

Not Rebecca - Twin City Obituary & Rocketship to Canada (1995/1996, Johann's Face)

By request, here they are, Not Rebecca's finest two hours (actually, closer to 40 minutes). "Mid-fi" tunecore, with that always appreciated emotive inflection. I've been leading up to these albums in a couple recent posts. Some of the greatest Husker Du-informed indie punk to grace a sadly uninformed and uninterested world. Enjoy.

Twin City Obituary (1995)
01. Nothing Is Forever
02. Unattended
03. Left Unsaid
04. Just Outside My Sight
05. My New Skin
06. Spent
07. S.S.N.
08. Distance Closing
09. Words to Say
10. Driveway
11. Ethan Edwards
12. Aeriel

Rocketship to Canada (1996)

01. Punctual
02. Skyward
03. Blender
04. Spiral
05. Minnesotajerk
06. Leaking
07. Off My Feet
08. Inherited
09. Tin
10. Of Boulder and Normal
11. Ten Best
12. Sever
13. Fence
14. Gladly
15. Johnny's Gonna Die
16. Call Me Back


The Fall Of Mr. Fifths said...

Thanks so much for posting these.

Mr. Amsterdamned said...

Thank you kindly, dear sir!!!

John Bonansa said...

can anyone re-upload rocket ships to canada?

mark said...

These are now up on their bandcamp for Name Your Price