Tuesday, April 7, 2009

VA - Imaginary Records comp 7'' (B.O.B. issue 31, 1991)

Just a quick upload for tonight until I can figure out something more substantive for tomorrow. This 7" (not a flexi ironically) was included with issue # 31 of Bucketful of Brains magazine. Don't have the zine, as this was purchased second hand. Bought it for the Eleventh Dream Day track (a Church Mice cover) and was pleasantly surprised with the rest of it. Chemistry Set are psych-leaning UK jangle popsters (not to be confused with the American Chemistry Set who appeared on the Sub Pop 200 comp - but would love to hear more from them too while we're at it). The Cherryblades "7-12-12" is a high strung dose of taught, guitar rock, but could use more info on them. Was able to find a pertinent post on another blog for The Prudes, but again precious few details. All in all, a great listen, despite the pesky vinyl noise.

01. The Cherryblades - 7-12-12
02. The Chemistry Set - Telephone
03. The Prudes - True Religion
04. Eleventh Dream Day - College Psychology on Love



Sam Adams said...

Awesome post. Any and all EDD is appreciated.

fred davis said...

Great! I agree with Sam, EDD is always welcome here. The Prudes track reminds me a lot of The Jazz Butcher.

Stathis said...

thanks for all.
Can you please repost also this 7"?
Best Regards

spavid said...

The link has been updated.