Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Splitting the Difference # 16 - fluf/j-church (Goldenrod, 1996)

Technically, this is the second pairing of Fluf and J Church on a split single (the first appeared in the West X North-South 7" compilation box set on Vagrant Records, but everybody knows that). And if that coincidence didn't grab ya, this is the second entry in the Splitting the Difference series to feature J Church. What's more, J Church cover a Guided By Voices song here, "If We Wait," which GBV contributed for a split single of their own, with the previously profiled Belreve. See how everything comes full circle? Both of the J Church songs wound up on their third singles comp, Altamont 99. I believe Fluf's "Assmunch" is exclusive to this single, not even turning up on The Classic Years singles compendium. As you may be able to discern from the pics, this record came in a nifty die-cut sleeve, but it was printed in other colors in addition to the rather mundane maroon that I came into possession of. Here are some additional notes on this disk from the dearly departed Goldenrod Records site:

"Fluf and J Church are happy to help you beautify your house, jacket, neighborhood, and the world with the new SuperStencil Cover from Goldenrod. This record cover serves a dual purpose: besides being a stencil which can be used for spray painting Fluf's and J Church's logo all over everything in sight, it also protects two new J Church songs and the first recorded song by Fluf since Josh Higgins joined the band. On the J Church side we've got a cover of Guided By Voices' If We Wait..., an upbeat song with some good ol' J Church harmonizing [and] Contempt For Modesty, a great song played at high speed and high intensity in typical J Church fashion. Fluf comes with their first venture into the studio with a song called Assmunch, about the perceptions of certain bands simply because of the labels they release their records on. A crunchy little (chocolate coated) number."
A. Fluf - Assmuch
B1. J Church - If We Wait
B2. J Church - Contempt For Modesty

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