Friday, April 3, 2009

The Chills - Smile From a Dead Dead Face - Melbourne, Australia 6/9/90

Found this rather high quality 1990 Chills bootleg show on a torrent recently. True, it's an audience recording, but pretty impeccable nevertheless, save for the very beginning of "Night Of Chill Blue" missing, and a tape flip, which you can read about in the notes. A setlist to die for, from what was arguably the Chills peak. The exact venue name was apparently unbeknownst to the individual that arranged this, but boy, they did a bang up job on the artwork. Hope ya like.

01 - Night Of Chill Blue
02 - Dan Destiny And The Silver Dawn
03 - I Love My Leather Jacket
04 - Part Past Part Fiction
05 - Familiarity Breeds Contempt
06 - Dark Carnival
07 - Don't Be - Memory
08 - Wet Blanket
09 - The Oncoming Day
10 - Creep
11 - Submarine Bells
12 - Pink Frost
13 - Speak For Yourself
14 - Heavenly Pop Hit
15 - I Saw Your Silhouette
16 - Smile From A Dead Dead Face
17 - Look For The Good In Others And They'll See The Good In You
18 - Doledrums
19 - The Great Escape

I am no longer sharing this.  Sorry.


Just8 said...

You can never have enough Chills.


Monkey Flinging Poo said...


Garageland said...

special thanks for this essential post.!!!!

evr said...

Hey man, saw them 3 times in one week back in 1990 when I lived in NYC. Did I ever tell you my Chills story? Let's just say, I wish I knew how to play keyboards!

spavid said...

Hey EVR! Looks like you'll have to enlighten me some evening at the Old Pink sometime. BTW, when are you going to start your blog?

evr said...

I coulda been a Chill I tell ya!!!

As far as blogs go, too many people do too good a job for me to compete.... plus the kids thing!

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Anonymous said...

90% sure it was a venue called The Club on Smith Street in Melbourne. I think I may have even been there and I'm trying to figure it out but my tour poster of the gig is at my parents house! The show I saw back then is to this day one of my favourite ever...