Thursday, April 16, 2009

Laurels - Burn 7" ep (1991, Heparin)

There's not much info to be found on the Laurels, a noisenik indie trio active during the early '90s. From what little I've been able to glean from the record sleeve and online resources, they originated from Rhode Island, released several singles, but no album per se save for a compilation type disk, 90-95. There's no shortage of dissonance among the four cuts here, with the leadoff "Hole," threatening to jettison itself into the shoegazer realm, but falling just short. Nevertheless, it possesses the lion's share of what I can loosely refer to as melody on Burn, while the three remaining tracks recall the clamorous dynamics of groups like the Pixies, as well as a likeminded British group of the same era, Jacob's Mouse (anyone remember them)?

01. Hole
02. Scrape You Off
03. Fueled
04. Stove Burn


GRK. said...

The Jacob's Mouse comparison sold me. Thanks!

Eric Wincentsen said...

The band did manage to get one full-length album out called "L".

Eric Wincentsen said...
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Stathis said...

can you, please, repost this EP?
Thank you very much