Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Streets Living Theater - s/t (1983, Stendec)

The curiously monikered Streets Living Theater were a North Carolina quartet whose album was produced by one Mitch Easter. From the sound of it however, you'd never guess said jangle-guru was manning the directors seat. Embracing such atypical "modern rock" accouterments as saxophone and recorder, along with more conventional organs/keyboards, SLT never quite flesh out a definitive identity for themselves. On this glorified ep, these fellas drop a myriad of fleeting, not to mention disparate hints, including the likenesses of The Doors, Joy Division, Blue Oyster Cult, Dream Syndicate, and Translator (though rarely a combination thereof in any given song). The choicest cuts here, specifically the jagged "Impossible Love," and the farfisa driven, sci-fi motif of "Waiting For You" may not have been tailor made for left-of-the-dial outlets, but oddly intriguing in themselves.

01. Waiting For You (Terminal Zone)
02. Alien Nation
03. Baby Don't Care
04. Life You Save
05. Impossible Love
06. Russian Tea
07. Minutes to Go

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