Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry not-so-Mystery Monday Xmas edition.

Given the holiday, I didn't want to do a straight-up Mystery I decided to take the mystery out of it, with the caveat being that these ten files won't be around forever.  Perhaps more than 48 hours, or even a week, but when they're gone, they're gone.  And most of them haven't appeared on Wilfully before.  Click on the title to be taken straight to the download link.  Special thanks to those of you who may have ripped a couple of these.

Dreams So Real - Fathers House
Turning Curious - Soul Light Season
The Soft Boys - Wading Through a Ventilator ep
The Bats (U.S.) - How Pop Can You Get?
The Gun Club - Fire of Love
XTC - Beeswax
Pavement - live 1994
Pointed Sticks - Part of the Noise
Lifetime - Hello Bastards
Snake Corps - Flesh on Flesh


Earthdog70 said...

Thanks for these! Happy holidays.

Jim H. said...

i remember buying that Turning Curious LP not long after i found Paul Chastain's "Halo" record back in the day...great stuff, THANKS!!