Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Sugarplastic - Radio Jejune (1995, Sugar Fix)

Thought I'd fulfill a request to cap off the year.  At one point this was available on iTunes and such, but not anymore apparently.  Over the years I have dispensed copious text regarding this L.A. area pop conglomerate.  Ladies and gentlemen, may I reintroduce you to The Sugarplastic.  Platinum records, sold-out arena tours, sordid tabloid headlines, and love songs that were known to be the impetus of many an unplanned pregnancy - all telltale Sugarplastic earmarks.  Ok, in fairness, maybe I'm a tad off base, but in a more perfect world...  If it's back-story details you're looking for, you can check out some of my previous 'plastic entries to get caught up.   In a nutshell for the newbies in the audience, this trio opted to mix a twee-spoon of sugar into their XTeaC-indebted salvos, and poured in some mercurial idiosyncrasies of their own for intriguing measure.  Radio Jejune, their debut album, is probably the most inventive and adventurous album in their catalog, featuring off-kilter treasures like "Salmolina" and "Sir Sheever."  A classic. 

01. Radio Jejune
02. Ways to Save Face
03. Salmolina
04. Sun Goes Cold
05. Skinny Hotrod
06. Please Mr. B
07. Arizona
08. Sir Sheever
09. Officer G
10. Howl a Little

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Andrew Christopher said...

Thank you for sharing this! I bought a CD of theirs from CD Baby a few years ago and loved it too. Great band.

Srta. Tuppence Beresford said...


I guess I was the one who made the request, and I had no idea you did the upload so long ago (just seeing it now). Oh, well... better late than never :)

Thank you SO MUCH for this (and Primitive Plastic), I have all their other albums. What a great band!
Kind regards,


Unknown said...

Hi! I just discovered this blog. Incredible. This first album is one of my favorites. I worked on a photoshoot with the band around this time and just fell in love with the record. Anyway I can get you to repost it? Was this full cd quality? Thanks so much!