Thursday, December 11, 2014

Poetry Grenade - Rocket (1990, Sonic Boom)

The gentle weaponry suggested in the moniker of this female-helmed Twin Cities quartet is an appropriate metaphor for the astute guitar-pop enshrined within RocketPoetry Grenade's polite panache may pull a few punches, however they aren't shy about throwing their proverbial muses around.  The band's overarching penchant generally occupies the same sonic strata as college rock contemporaries Tsunami and Vomit Launch.  And while not markedly innovative, PG usually pinpoint the sweet spot between contemplative and something considerably more rousing.

01. Cry
02. Occupation
03. The Door
04. Insufficiency
05. Rockeet
06. Crooked Words
07. Earthquake
08. Sea Monkey
09. Kicking & Screaming
10. Postcard 32
11. Spin


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Erik Hammen said...

Love this record, thanks for posting.