Sunday, December 7, 2014

I think the problem is I feel I’m all alone.

The third album of raw punk ‘n roll from a co-ed, Seattle legend.  Pointed Sticks cover track two.


JohnnyChump said...

Hi Wil, Many years ago you posted the record "Hexed" by Gem. Could you repost if I said Pretty Please! Thank you.

Johnny Chump

spavid said...

I'll get this up again soon. Cheers.

JohnnyChump said...

Thank you! and while we're on the subject, waaay back on February 4, 2009 you posted the record
Splitting the Difference # 4 - Cobra Verde/Ether Net 7" (1995, Carcrash). Can that one be reposted as well? Thank you very very much.