Tuesday, December 2, 2014

D.D. Ranged - s/t 2x7" ep (1988, Deranged)

Another band that time forgot, hailing from a locale that I sometimes suspect likewise of, Mobile, AL (Ok, that one was very below the belt.  My apologies to all the Alabamans in the audience, I simply couldn't resist). Suffice to say, I can't enlighten you with very many details on this alternating trio/quartet who contain within their ranks a guitarist that coins himself as Self AbuseDiscogs categorizes D.D. Ranged as "punk," but I part ways with that classification.  Then again, I have yet to encounter the two full lengths that preceded this ep, The Fold and Unfolded.   As for the record I'm sharing tonight, D.D. Ranged are a scruffy looking lot with earnest indie-rawk aptitude that's not far off the mark from left-off-the-dial contemporaries like the Libertines USA, Alter Boys and Bleached Black.  Nothing too aggro here, and all the better for it if you ask me.  Spiffy gatefold packaging on this one as well.  Would love to hear those earlier albums and whatever else may exist by these lads.  Comment as you see fit.

01. Summer of Love
02. Second Hand Soul Girl
03. Girl Friday
04. Can't Hold On



Bruce K. said...

Never heard of them, but reference to the Libertines USA has me ready to sample it.

Bruce K. said...

I liked this quite a lot. The last song I thought had some of a Velvets/Feelies feel, although not quite as intense as either of those bands.

spavid said...

I picked up on a little bit of Feelies too. Definitely.

Unknown said...

I read your blog.I thought it was great.. Hope you have a great day. God bless.


cdestef142 said...

Anyway you could re-up? Thx as always.

Fallout2077 said...

Could you possibly fix the link? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Buy the previous 2 albums. I happen to do a great job kissing the guitarist.

Unknown said...

that double 45 is OK but their first album The Fold is really incredible. Stumbled across a copy years ago and, it is REALLY good, as in I got obsessed and bought all their records. ha.