Friday, December 7, 2012

Watching the candles burn - The eight nights of Chanukah coming soon!

Those of you who frequent Wilfully Obscure know that around the week of Christmas I tend to offer an extra special unveiling - a BFD so to speak.  Last year it was a bunch of Hüsker Dü bootlegs, and a couple years prior it was a rare Smithereens box set that I was forced to remove within 48 hours (my apologies again Pat)!   This year, I wasn't able to think of any one particular item to showcase...but several.  Spacing things out over the course of eight days/nights seemed all the more logical, especially when taking into account Chanukah's personal relevance to me.  We all know you were envious of that kid down the block who had a yarmulke festooned to his head, who was given the privilege of lighting the menorah, and of course, reveling in eight glorious nights of presents.  This year I'm paying it forward.

All of this begs the question, "Has Wilfully Obscure been holding out on us for the last 11 1/2 months?"  Somewhat...but not exactly.  In short, the goodies I plan on revealing over the next eight days are of considerably high caliber.  I like to think that everything I share qualifies as good to excellent, but to paraphrase that sage Orwellian dictum, some are more equal than others.  Keep your eyes peeled. 

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