Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Pilgrims - It's Not Pretty (2012) - A brief overview

You’ve got to give it up for a band like The Pilgrims who wield that “just rolled outta bed nonchalance, but still have our shit way more together than all you strivers ever will” penchant as if they had the chops to stake their hides on it.  As luck would have it, these four Vermont-sters tear it up in the post-Replacements neck of the woods, terrain already chartered by such unheralded dynamos as The Figgs, Magnolias, Finger, and a bunch of others that are far too arcane to warrant mentioning.  In short, this quartet plays it lovingly roughewn, but never roughshod, with oodles of treble-kickin’ riffs, a few savvy harmonies and a nervy swig of Stonesy sass.  Their Bandcamped album, It’s Not Pretty is chockablock with the punchy, lived-in rawk and roll that you’ve spent the last sixty seconds reading about it, and I have to admit, it grows on you fabulously well, and very quickly at that.  Lend and ear to “Glue,” “American Eyes,” and ”Philibuster Brown,” and if you like what you hear, lay down the $5 will ya?

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YankeeBoy said...

You're right. This is great stuff. reminds me some of early Doughboys. Definitely worth 5 bucks!