Thursday, December 6, 2012

Machines Learning - Pendragon's Lullaby ep (2012) - A brief overview

Bowing at the distortion-addled altar of Hum, Failure, and even hometown brethren No Knife, San Diego's Machines Learning brew up a sonically teaming cocktail of amped-out, droney sprawls that I'm sure would have you running for earplugs were you to encounter them in a live setting.  Unfortunately, unless you live in Southern Cali, the trio's Pendragon's Lullaby ep will have to suffice.

Lumbering bass lines, a concussive yet tuneful delivery system, and Corgan-like crunch all factor into Machines' heady mix, commencing with the white-noise maelstrom that informs "Bulletproof Tiger," gradually segueing into the comparatively lucid title track, and back again to the murky, foreboding howl of "satAMcoffee" and finally, the dynamic juxtapositions of "This Destroyed Me."  Very solid stuff, and highly recommended for fans of My Vitriol and Amusement Parks on Fire, as well as the initial comparisons I mentioned above.  You can obtain Pendragon's Lullaby from M/L's Bandcamp page, and cd hard copies may be available as well. 

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