Monday, December 10, 2012

Cannon Heath Down - Heart-Throb Companion (1987, Bongo Sunrise)

Big unveiling today folks.  I honestly can't recall how Cannon Heath Down made it onto my radar, but I must have liked what I heard on their Myspace page, because after no small amount of searching, it took about half a days wages to cover Heart-Throb Companion’s hefty price tag.

It’s a stretch to imagine that twenty-five years ago a quartet of Vancouver kids had their ear this darn close to the lower 48 indie underground, but aside from sheer coincidence, how else could CHD have taken on so many properties of Game Theory, early Ric Menck/Paul Chastain, Buzz of Delight-era Matthew Sweet, Three o’ Clock, and even the Primitons?  I can’t say that Heart-Throb…is as seminal as the work of the aforementioned, but it does boast several premiere efforts like, “Bone (of Contention),” “Julia Rainbow,” and “Safe as Milk,” all exuding a fresh, visceral deliriousness that only comes along once in a blue moon.  There’s a decidedly demure lilt to this album, but one marked anomaly is “Not Now,” a comparatively serrated slice of punky riff-rock that seems to take on a life of it’s own outside of Heart-Throb's remaining dozen selections.   

I've got the video of "Bone (of Contention)" for ya'll below.  By the way, no one in group bears the band’s namesake, rather the moniker would appear to be taken from a rural locale in England.  One more thing.  This disk was followed up by a 1989 cassette-only release, Peace Bum Days that I'd love to get my hands on.  Comment away.

01. Light Your Eyes
02. Julia Rainbow
03. Je Suis Certain
04. ma-de-moi-selle
05. Fortunate
06. A Charming Sound
07. Blue Skye
08. Bone (of Contention)
09. Having Dreams
10. Not Now
11. Safe as Milk
12. quagmire
13. Belly Through


Mason said...

I dig it man - sort of Icicle Works-y. Good post.

Mission said...
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bglobe313 said...

I can't wait to get home and check it out. Thanks.


Doug said...

Thanks.Saw these guys live a few times.Never bought the vinyl.Another Chanukah treat.Does anybody have any Los Popularos vinyl rips?

biopunk said...

Thanks spavid!

This one "disappeared" from my collection about a decade ago, but I've never seen another copy or anything else put out on the 'Bongo Sunrise' label, so I'm really appreciating this.


Jersey Joker said...

Hey Spavid,

Thought I'd respond to your latest blog entry, about Richmond, VA's band Fudge.

I saw your blog entries from over 3 years ago doing some surfing yesterday, and see that their singles and EP tracks are all non-LP (Non CD!). I am a HUGE fan of their first album, and just ordered their 2nd one (Southside Speedway), but have NON of their single/EP's. I am wondering if you've ever converted any of those tracks to digital, and if so, if they're available for further consumption ... ? If you got a minute, I'd like to hear from you concerning those tracks. I can be reached at ""

If you don't mind. Thanks!
Gary/Jersey Joker

spavid said...

Holy cow. And I was concerned no one was going to comment on this one. My guess is Bongo Sunrise was the band's in-house label. Were Los Popularos related to CHD? Never heard of them.

Gary, I'll email you pertaining to Fudge later. Thanks.

Jersey Joker said...


Hey, I was able to D/L everything Fudge-related, thanks to your files!

I am tremendously grateful -- I'm going to "process them" (check them out, and "clean" them up if they need it), and burn them to disc now.

If I am able to make any significant improvements on any of them, I'll let you know (who knows, maybe they are so clean, there won't be anything for me to do, just master them and burn 'em to disc!)

Either way, just wanted to let you know I appreciate your efforts! VERY cool blog, I'll keep checking it out.


biopunk said...

Los Popularos were *the* Vancouver "fuck band" with members of the K-tels/Young Canadians, Pointed Sticks, Modernettes and D.O.A.

They only released the 'Working Girls' 7" and a 12", both which seem to be rarer than Slow's 7" and 'Against the Glass' 12".

They have no connection with CHD that I know of, aside from all being on the 'Last Call' compilation...

Doug said...

@biopunk No connection between Common Heath Down and Los Popularos except Vancouver.I have been looking for nice vinyl rips of Los Popularos 'Born Free' EP(1982) and 'Working Girls/Mystery To Myself' 7" (1981/1983) for many years.Maybe one day ...

Chip said...

Any chance of a reup? The video is great

spavid said...

Link has been updated.

Luis Miguel Sousa de Jesus said...

Hi, I'd like to know if all the songs on Heart-Throb Companion by Cannon Heath Down were written by Jonathan Brotherton. Thanks,
Luis de Jesus

Gourd said...

If I'm reading the insert correctly the credits are: Light Your Eyes - Brotherton; Julia Rainbow - Brotherton; Je Suis Certain - Smith, Hay-Roe; ma•de•moi•selle - Hay-Roe; Fortunate - Brotherton; A Charming Sound - Hay-Roe, Davenport, Brown, Brotherton; Blue Sky - Brotherton; Bone (of Contention) - Brotherton; Having Dreams - Brotherton; Not Now - Brotherton; Safe As Milk - Hay-Roe, Brown; quagmire - Hay-Roe;Belly Through - Hay-Roe, Davenport, Brown, Brotherton

Nathan Howard said...
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Nathan Howard said...

Link isn't working. Can you update?

lolo said...

Hello, could you please re-up this please?
Thank you

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