Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Died Pretty "True Fools Fall" 2x7" (1990, Blue Mosque/Festival)

Considering that my interest in Died Pretty largely began and ended with the song "True Fool Fall," a single off their 1990 Every Brilliant Eye album, stumbling across this double 45 was a convenient and economical treat.  They may have resided in Australia but Died Pretty seeped Americana guitar-rock from what must have been every one of their collective pores.  This set's sobering title track is a graciously earnest, jangle and strum excursion that I never tire of.  The decidedly more delicate "Is There Anyone" ascends to pastoral, not to mention acoustic ambiance, while "Kingpin" occasionally recalls what R.E.M. were kicking around at the same time Died Pretty were attempting to garner some relevance outside of Oz.  Some of the b-sides seem to have been shuffled around on different singles.  You can check out a thorough discography here.

01. True Fools Fall
02. A Ballad
03. Is There Anyone?
04. Kingpin



Psyclist said...

Terrific band... didnt have this single

Andy G said...

thank you for this. Doughboy Hollow is a great album too.

Unknown said...

But you should have seen them LIVE!
-Their sound was as tight as their studio-recorded albums, and the show which they delivered so effortlessly was even better than that: They Far King ROCKED.
-The world needs more KICK-ARSE bands like this.
Where are they?