Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Radioblaster - Sugar-Shock (1995, Squirtgun)

Man, I really wish I had been paying attention when these guys (and girl) were still active.  I probably came across their name dozens of times, what with them being just across the lake in Toronto.  Much has been said about Canadian indie rock, especially the 1990s variety which Radioblaster deftly embody on Sugar-Shock.  Shades of the Halifax and Maritime provincial aesthetic are busting out all over this half-hour of crunchy, saccharine power, which finds this trio borrowing liberally from the more melodic muse of Eric's Trip, and even early Thrush Hermit and Hardship Post.  More coincidental than not, Small 23, and Australia's Pollyanna, would have slotted perfectly on Radioblaster's sonic palette.  The proceedings unravel ever so slightly on the tail end of Sugar, but overall this beaut is a mid-fi triumph that's not to be passed over if you're an enthusiast of any of the aforementioned.  See?  Who said I only give gifts on Chanukah.  You can read another thoughtful assessment of this album here.

01. Revision
02. Pushed Forward
03. Goin' Steady
04. Sketch
05. No Punchbacks
06. T-Shirt
07. Take Me Away
08. Why You Weatin' Me?
09. G-Force
10. Good to Go



Doug said...

Thanks.These guys are new to me.Look forward to a listen.Cheers.

Johny said...

AMAAAAAAAZING. HA! Thanks for this.

Fashion Munx said...

thanks! I had this CD but can't seem to find it. They had another album that I haven't been able to locate.

bglobe313 said...

Yeah, this rocks. I'm a sucker for the buzzing guitars with "little girl" voice sound.