Friday, September 7, 2012

VA - The Kitty Comp (2012, Burger)

Got a plump one for you today, and believe me when I say this was a royal pain in the ass to put together,  The Kitty Comp is a fifty (actually fifty-two) song double cassette compilation that was released a few months ago, limited to 500 copies, and now out of print.  Digitizing this collection was daunting due to the amount of content - that and lack of familiarity on my part of most of the artists, which made editing a bit tricky and tedious at times.

The Kitty Comp was released on Burger Records, a (mostly) cassette label (and store) in Fullerton, CA as a benefit album to cover veterinary bills for an injured kitten that was abandoned (and luckily rescued) on a California freeway.  No, I am not making that up.  As advertised, the tapes were comprised of previously unreleased material, by a host of indie/punk/garage/power-pop/lo-fi artists spanning the gamut from Peter Case to Crystal Antlers to Ryan Adams (btw, I wouldn't get too stoked for his contribution).  Yes, there are a lot of cat themed songs on here, but most stick to non-feline subject matter.  In fact, the majority of the participants are unknown quantities, but some of you ear-to-the-ground types are sure to find a few more familiar names than the three I just mentioned.  I'm partial to The Resonars, Cleaners From Venus, Sea Lions, Peach Kelli Pop, and Beekler.  The last song on side two is one of two unlisted tracks, and is actually the best thing going here.  Utterly infectious power pop.  If anyone knows who this is, please leave a comment.  Full tracklist is below.

BTW, many of the bands on here have other releases on Burger, so please browse their store.  Although The Kitty Comp is no longer available, Burger Records is still encouraging folks to donate to the ASPCA

Tape 1
01. Summer Twins - Senor Don Gato
02. Veloura Caywood - Cat in a Box
03. John Wesley Coleman - Yo Kitty Kat
04. The Vomettes - I Like Your Pussy But I Love Your Penis
05. Audacity - Run Kitty Run
06. Lenguas Largas - Lower Profile
07. The Resonars - I Didn't Feel So Cold Then
08. Dead Ghosts - I Sleep Alone
09. The Abigails - Always
10. Joel Gion - Every Which Way
11. Cleaners From Venus - Hove New
12. The Pizazz - Face Parade
13. Pangea - Offer (demo)
14. Mikal CroninYou Gotta Have Someone (demo)
15. Sea LionsDoesn’t Mean A Thing
16. Devon WilliamsYour Avalon
17. Wyatt Blair - Girls
18. Teenage Burritos - Charlie
19. MHV - Portrait
20. Penetration MoonReal Wild Child
21. Schlitzie What’s His Name
22. Miss Chain and the Broken HeelsDon’t Let Go
23. Tomorrows Tulips - Free
24. Part TimeThe Berkshire Hobbits
25. Nick Nicely - Hilly Fields (acoustic)

Tape 2
26. Brentwood Dan (members of Beachwood Sparks) - Sad Song 4 Kat
27. Babies on Acid - Grrrl
28. Burnt Ones - Hologram Dropouts (demo)
29. Peach Kelli Pop - Stay Away
30. Thee Goochi BoizWhy You Gotta Be Mean To Me?
31. White MysteryYe Olde Stone Cut
32. The Coathangers - Sex Beat
33. Blue Jungle - Teardrops
34. Apache - Kitty on Christmas
35. The Stalkers - Searching in the Wilderness
36. Bell GardensToday I Started Loving You Again
37. Beekler - Grips
38. Peter Case - I'm Gonna Change My Ways
39. Ryan AdamsDynasty of Troll Loch Ming
40. The Zoltars - You Come With a Price
41. The Be Helds - Just Dreamin'
42. Lust-Cats of the Gutters - Pac-Man
43. Soviet - Heaven's Gate
44. Apple BrainsGive Me Your Tongue
45. So WrongThis Ain’t The Time To Die
46. Crystal Antlers - Struggle
47. Young GuvCall Me When The Cat Dies (live)
48. Lovely Bad ThingsSurfin’ On Skulls (demo)
49. Slumber Party - Stay Gold
50. unknown
51. The Meow Twins - Bed
52. unknown

Tape One:
Tape Two:


Unknown said...

Thank you! I've had these tapes sitting on my desk for a couple weeks now, and the prospect of digitizing them has just been too daunting. I really appreciate your doing it for me! Great blog!

Oxy said...

Some really nice stuff, here. For those of you wondering, the actual title to (tape 1, track 4) the Vomettes tune is "I Like Your Pussy, but I love MY penis." Makes a bit more sense, now, although the originally posted title works, too, in a bizarre sort of way.

spavid said...

Thanks for commenting. In regards to the Vomettes, interesting how those little flubs turn out sometimes.

Yeah, I had a hunch that more than a few people bought the comp but didn't feel like fooling around with the actual tapes. Glad to be of service.

CoverHeaven said...

Great compilation!
I uploaded '' The Coathangers - Sex Beat '' on youtube.

Douchess of York said...

Cats are the better people...! Thanks for the hard work!


Scaggsaway said...

How can there be unknown tracks from 2012? That's more anachronistic that cassettes.

The mystery is nice as a novelty and all, but if you ever do find out the bands or titles, please let us know.

burgerrecords said...

The unknown tracks are...

city said...

thanks for share.

drafan42 said...

Can you post these downloads again? I need the mp3's...thanks!

Matt Brand said...

Could you please reup tape 2? :(

Superbillie1 said...

Thank you ! I'm curious for Tape Two ...any chance for a re-upload ? However , thanks a lot for your great work and effort . Really great blog !!! All the best and a great christmas time


slangeug said...

Could you please reup tape two? thank you,

spavid said...

Will try to get to tape two by this weekend.

slangeug said...

Thank you. I'm really looking forward to it.

Matt Brand said...

spavid, did you have any luck re-upping tape 2? haven't been able to find it anywhere else :(

spavid said...

Just updated the link for tape two:

Matt Brand said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bobabot1 said...

Thanks you so much! Could you please reupload? It says the files have been deleted for inactivity :(

alyssa said...

hey! any chance for a re-upload of both tapes?

lucky said...

I would love to see both of these re upped

How did I miss this the first time?

much thanks

spavid said...

The links are still active.

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