Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cars Get Crushed - Drag Explosive (1995, Deluxe)

Following up my share of Blue and West from a few days ago, there seemed to be enough demand for  CGC's first album, the vinyl-only Drag Explosive.  I always thought this one was a little more brusque and offered more gristle than the follow-up.  Lots of abrupt, start/stop rhythms and time signature manipulations litter this punishing landscape, with an ethos approaching that of Helmet at times.  In tandem with these technical flourishes and dense arrangements, Drag Explosive packs quite a groove, as only Cars Get Crushed were capable of doling out.  RIYL: No Knife, Unwound, Bastro and the like.  BTW, I'm still trying to figure out what the hell a "drag explosive" is...

01. The Thunderbolt
02. A Slight Sting
03. Deluxe
04. Weather Conditions
05. 18th Nervous Breakdown
06. Drag Explosive
07. Orangebloom
08. Fabulous


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