Monday, September 10, 2012

The Volcanos (1988, Rock King)

Holy mullets, Batman!   Try not to judge this book by it's rather dated cover, because not only is track four ("Rescue Me") worth the price of admission alone, it's also one of the finest power pop songs to ever come out of the eighties.  So solid in fact, there's really nothing else by The Volcanos that can quite match it on this platter.  "Rescue Me" was actually recorded when the band was going under the name Five Cool What, and originally appeared on a compilation 7" that sadly, I'm not in possession of.  To varying extents, you're bound to hear a bit of an AOR bent infiltrating these goods, not far removed from the original power pop premise of say, Enuff 'Z Nuff or One on One-era Cheap Trick.  In short, radio friendly fare but not too pandering.  Other recommended cuts: "Shannon," "I Believe," and "She Told Me."  The blokes in the middle and right on the album jacket (Greg Brallier and Fin Seth, respectively) went onto considerably more acclaim in The Tearaways

01. She Do
02. I Believe
03. Her Fingers
04. Rescue Me
05. It All Comes True
06. Free World
07. I'll Take You There
08. Man on a Mission
09. Cool Scooter Rebel
10. Shannon
11. Barricades
12. She Told Me


bglobe313 said...

"Rescue me" is "one of the finest power pop songs to ever come out of the eighties."

Now, this I have got to hear!

I will check back in after I am able to access it.


Unknown said...

Recently picked this up as a blind buy and was pleasantly surprised by the infectious power pop rockers. Nice keyboard touches as well.

lolo said...

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Would it be possible to re-up this one?

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