Tuesday, September 4, 2012

further - griptape (1992, Christmas) + grimes golden ep (1994) re-up

I recently had a request for a re-up of further's grimes golden ep that I shared way back when I first began Wilfully Obscure.  That inquisitive requester also challenged me to posting further's super griptape disk, which unfortunately I don't own, but I'm compensating with the original version of griptape, which unfortunately offers fewer songs than said "super" version.  A completists nightmare, I know.

You can read a more detailed account of further's backstory here and heregriptape was their first album. Upon it's release, it was pretty obvious to anyone who heard this wonderfully derivative, lo-fi sprawl that these guys picked up the ball J Mascis pitifully dropped after Dinosaur Jr.'s 1988 masterpiece, Bug.   Over the course of a second album, Sometimes Chimes, the aforementioned Grimes Golden ep and a few more short form releases, further evolved in much the same way Lou Barlow reinvented himself via Sebadoh.  All of their recordings were issued on micro-labels, like their own in-house Christmas Records imprint.  After dissolving in the mid-90s, members of further graduated to Beachwood Sparks and The Tyde.

01. Overrated
02. Filling Station
03. Flounder (Ubel)
04. Real Gone
05. Gimme Indie Fox
06. Still
07. Smudge
08. Greasy
09. Bazzoka
10. Fix It's Broken
11. Don't Need a Rope
12. Fantastic Now
13. Under and In
14. The Death of an A+R Man
15. Westward Ho

See tracklist for Grimes Golden here.

griptape: https://www8.zippyshare.com/v/Jz9KmwkW/file.html
grimes golden: https://www8.zippyshare.com/v/IUfpHqgy/file.html


Unknown said...

good post..

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evr said...

Thanks Buddy!

J. Will said...
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J. Will said...

Hi here are the three songs on Super Griptape that aren't on Griptape


Thanks for having an amazing blog

spavid said...

Thanks J Will! Looks like we get the bonus tracks after all.

city said...

thanks for posting.

johnnybgoode said...

hi spavid, i finally got a chance to listen to the griptape post and really enjoyed it thanks, as i already had the others. is there any chance you can re-up those 3 tracks from super gripetape? also, in my research of further i saw that they had a couple subsequent offerings, punkrockvampires and next time west coast. any chance you can post them? thanks much

spavid said...

I updated the Griptape link. The bonus tracks will have to wait. Sorry.

esstee said...

Any chance for a re-post on this? Thanks!

spavid said...

The links have been updated.

Unknown said...

Can you repost Grid tape please, the link seems to be broken...
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e6gMan said...

Please repost griptape(1992). Thanks for all you share.

Eternal Shoegazer said...

Re-up, please!

fas said...

Please share again Griptape LP. Thanks in advance