Thursday, May 31, 2012

Drumming on Glass "Tear It Down" 7" (1990, Aurora)

HFS, why didn't someone tip me off on these guys two decades ago?  I downloaded Drumming on Glass' Asparagus Tea LP awhile back but didn't give it a concerted listen until fairly recently.  Boy, was I missing out big time.  From what I've been able to discern, much was made at the time of DoG's psychedelic tendencies.  I suppose that's par for adding a sitar (of all things) into the mix, but this Boston trio was way post-punk if you ask me, with rich shades of Nice Strong Arm and Fire in the Kitchen bubbling to the surface.  Both tracks on this 45 fall well within the late '80s Homestead Records realm - dark and austere, with some pleasant mystical ambiance thrown in to ward off anything too gratuitously brooding.  The A-side "Tear it Down" appears to be exclusive to this single, while "Trip" would find it's way onto the aforementioned Asparagus TeaLost in Tyme blog did a nice write-up of the album, but since the download link has expired, I might be offering it here if anyone is game.    

A. Tear it Down
B. Trip



Stathis said...


can you post "Asparagus Tea"?

Thank you very much

Efstathiou Stathis

slovenlyeric said...

Thanks for reminding me of Fire in the Kitchen in your comments. I remember them fondly.

spavid said...

I'll get to Asparagus Tea soon.

Also, there might be more Fire in the Kitchen to come.

Unknown said...

Could you post this 7" again? "Tear It Down" was a staple on my college show - haven't heard it since. Would greatly appreciate it if you could. Thanks.

spavid said...

Just updated the link. Thanks for alerting us.