Wednesday, May 9, 2012

White Animals - s/t (1986, Dread Beat)

Not that I'm trying to best my competition over at Shotgun Solution blog, but they recently posted a hodge podge of tunes by Nashville's long put-to-pasture White Animals.  Coincidentally, when I was used record plundering last month I found vinyl editions of their self-titled effort, and it's 1987 follow-up In the Last Days, the former of which I'm hosting tonight.   The White Animals espoused their fair share of '80s, "modern rock" trappings, and given it's studio sheen this record might slot comfortably with the output of say, the Hooters.  The silver lining?  This quintet wasn't far removed from such 415 Record staples as Wire Train and the Red Rockers either.  Despite a drought of innovation, White Animals is still appealing, and had the group's luck panned out a little more favorably, a mainstream fanbase would have been entirely palpable, if not inevitable. For those of ya'll in need of a shortcut, The Animals brightest embers flicker across side one.

01. Help Yourself
02. It's a Jungle
03. Big Shot
04. Don't Want to Hear That Song
05. Caught Up in the Dread
06. She's So Different
07. Not Another Love Song
08. I Can't Wait
09. Old-fashioned Day
10. Tristan's Woe



monkeymanmoi said...

Nice. I think this is their best album. What came before is probably more popular with fans, though. I got excited for a bit thinking Shotgun posted the album Ecstasy, but it was their first two (which aren't nearly as good IMO). Still looking for a good rip of that album. Thanks for posting!

spavid said...

I should be able to hook you up with Ecstasy. Stay tuned.